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Copy of DCE WEBSITE UPGRADE 2023-05_edited.jpg

Our Competitions

Register With Hit Zero

1. Create account in Hit Zero at
2. Create a Club
3. Create Teams
4. Create Athletes and assign to Teams
5. Create/Assign Coaches
6. Register Teams for an event


Email: for Clubs and EPs to be able to contact. Response normally within 12-24 hours but may be up to 36 hours when not on event day.

Conditions of Entry 

  • Athletes should be prepared to compete at any time during the listed dates, and coaches must ensure that their team numbers and athletes are entered into the correct categories according to DCE and IASF rules.

  • All team numbers, jewelry, and safety requirements will be checked prior to the team taking the floor, and any infractions may result in disqualification.

  • During the event, anyone may be filmed by DCE social photographers for DVD and photo production and promotional use.

  • In the event of injury gyms must have an emergency plan in place and a medic will be on site. If an athlete is injured on the floor, the DCE staff and judges or coaches may stop the routine and have the athlete attended to immediately. The team will be able to re-perform if possible, later in the session and will be judged from where it was stopped.

  • all athletes competing in IASF divisions must have proper proof of identification and be checked in at the warmup desk before competing.

DCE do not require individual waiver forms to be filled out for each athlete.

However- All Gyms need to make sure that their insurance covers all their athletes at events.​

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