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Rules and Scoring

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Judging Expression of Interest


DCE will award the bids given to them by the IASF for both the Cheer and Dance Worlds.

  • PARTIAL PAID BIDS will be awarded to the highest scoring teams in a world bid division.

  • AT LARGE BIDS will be awarded to the next 3 highest scoring teams.

  • Should a team already have Partial Paid or At Large bids the bid can be given to the next highest scoring team .

  • The Bids can only be used by a bid winning team for the division the team won the bid .

  • DANCE BIDS - DCE will have final say as to which division/age group pending the number of bids available to help ensure all age divisions have the opportunity to represent at Worlds.

  • All IASF rules must be adhered to by all bid winners.

  • Teams have 72 hours to accept or decline their bid.

  • In a DCE Worlds bid section although the highest scores will be the criteria. DCE reserve the right to award the bids to the team that DCE Management deem the best representation for us at the Cheer and Dance Worlds.


​Ties will not be broken except for 3rd, 2nd, and 1st rankings. In the event of a tie, the team with the least amount of deductions will be placed above the other team. If there is still a tie, the team with the highest overall Execution/Technique score will be placed above the other team. If there is still a tie, the judges will be polled. All judge’s decisions are final.


Teams will incur a 3 point deduction for one out of age athlete per team. If teams do not disclose this in writing prior to the event and it is brought to our attention before, during or after the event we have the right to disqualify the team. No out of age athletes are allowed in any IASF division or any teams going for Worlds Bids.


DCE allow a 3-level CHEER crossover rule Eg. Level 2- 4.

DANCE- one level only.

Athletes can only belong to a maximum of 2 x Allstar clubs and only split if one is for cheer and the other is for dance.

Athletes can crossover from Allstar to Scholastic/University but only belong to one Scholastic or University Club.

If a team is to be found breaking these rules a 5 point deduction will be added to the team.

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