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At DCE we provide a more intimate and inclusive event that gives value for money, great feedback from top industry judges, great staff and venues, decent prizes and comp with all the usual Allstar perks. Our aim is to provide you and your athlete's support and encouragement in a friendly all-inclusive atmosphere that’s not overwhelming, so everyone can grow and achieve, doing what they love in a safe and friendly environment! Just like your gym! Here at DCE, we offer Athlete driven Cheer and Dance Events to the Australian Allstar community. Our events are Fun, Friendly and Fair and provide a supportive relaxed environment for both Athletes and Coaches. Our dedication to quality service before, during and after our events means you can spend more time focused on your teams. DCE hosts the prestigious Asia Pacific Grand Internationals a Worlds Bid Event providing Australia's ultimate worlds experience. DCE provides all its bid winners with 1 on 1 support and access to industry-leading professional. DCE understands the ever-mounting costs associated with Allstar and DCE’s Capped pricing means you only ever have to pay for 4 routines and with fees starting from as low as $45 DCE really is a great addition to any competition season. Variety is the spice of life! Competition in any market is great for everyone, and by supporting as many companies as possible it keeps our industry growing and fair and gives you all choices. Just like your gym we all have different philosophies and goals. We treat all clubs big or small with respect and an all-inclusive vibe.  We also offer clubs the opportunity to be able to experience an international competition by providing bids to Jamz Nationals in Las Vegas.  We also provide partial paid bids to all of our DCE events here in Australia so everyone can enjoy the benefits of receiving a bid even without leaving the country! We hope you join us soon and become part of the ever-growing friendly DCE Allstar community. 

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