DCE is excited to offer some free training resources for you to do at home or incorporate into your team’s practices. Our first video is Jump Strengthening: Part 1 (Hips) presented by Cat Haley who was Born and raised in Maine, USA. Cat has been involved in the cheerleading industry for 20 years. Starting from a humble beginning, Cat began her years at a local all-star program, Planet Cheer All-Stars; where Cat competed and coached for 10 seasons. Cat finished her cheerleading career on The Stingray Allstars Orange of Marietta, Georgia. After an undefeated season including a 2013 World Championship, Cat worked at the world-famous program for four years. Cat has been providing online coaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic and has seen her work with athletes all over the world for more info you can check her out on Facebook by clicking HERE